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Sunflower Sisters

Source: Golden petals surround your perfect faces I see you grow tall in rocky soil and turn your faces towards the sun. Where would I be without all of you? My sun, my light beaming in my darkest thoughts. You shed petals for me when I cry water-drops to help us grow when the… Continue reading Sunflower Sisters


Butterfly Shadow

Rain sprinkle on my eyelids Flutter like a butterfly close lashes to the tip of rain ducts clench fists into a cocoon if only my fingers can form wings and my thumbs embody a butterfly to the shadow of the overcast moon. Night is where my hands are puppets to the strings of emotions crawling… Continue reading Butterfly Shadow


Cherry Blossom (Dedicated to V.)

Fall into pink petals blooming red-ripe cherries bursting scarlet juice from the Japanese Garden. Paper stars line a pathway to cherry blossom trees and a friend with blushed cheeks picking cherries from the branches of dangling hopes tied in a knot of pink petals falling in mid-air and dropping like paper stars shooting across the… Continue reading Cherry Blossom (Dedicated to V.)