Bonfire Love

Bonfire on beach the smoke transforms into a plum of black air chocking ashes within the blown wind.   Fire flames burn broken wood teared down for roasting white-puffed marshmallows gooey between fingers scrambling for gram-crackers and melted Hershey chocolate.   S'mores  harvested by a couple warming hearts on a wooden stick, an instrument tracing… Continue reading Bonfire Love


Water Lily (“Learn To Pick Her First”)

Rivers run dry in spicy heat beating waves of sun in his crackling voice underneath the tumble weed. She draws the water in with her lily pad from rain pouring through the waterways and strengthening her roots underneath aquamarine bubbles and self-love. She does not need him. The man of heat drying her roots and… Continue reading Water Lily (“Learn To Pick Her First”)


Through the Looking Glass

lFog rolls on pouts of smoke from the pipe of Hookah she puffed in autumn air.   She inhales poetic scents of  Middle-Eastern spices and perfume linking her to the pipe and a circle of  plastic smiles and Arabic lullabies.   There is a glass, a looking glass, she stares in opposite directions of the… Continue reading Through the Looking Glass