Black Velvet

Smooth velvet wraps her skin and bones in a cheap silhouette of black night suppressing emotions with each sip of cocktail from her red-stained lips. Her lower lip throbs with pulse vibrating of memories burning with a candle lighting her affair underneath dancing shadows and foggy breaths. She remembers his lips locking hers in a… Continue reading Black Velvet


Her Pearl (A Poem for Grandma)

She smiles with pearl-white teeth and an oyster of secrets beneath her heated breath exhaling from her lungs and swallowing salt water with each dive into night tide sea. She harbors her shell from the crashing waves above her auburn hair and sea-green eyes wandering through black and white photographs and expecting affection in between… Continue reading Her Pearl (A Poem for Grandma)

Cherry Blossom (Dedicated to V.)

Fall into pink petals blooming red-ripe cherries bursting scarlet juice from the Japanese Garden. Paper stars line a pathway to cherry blossom trees and a friend with blushed cheeks picking cherries from the branches of dangling hopes tied in a knot of pink petals falling in mid-air and dropping like paper stars shooting across the… Continue reading Cherry Blossom (Dedicated to V.)

Afraid of No Ghost

So what if you're afraid of speaking up or that you have those jitters when you wake up from your nightmares? So what if my personality or even my face gives you the spooks? Does it matter to me? Nah, I'm not afraid of any ghost. Spook me all you want but you can't scare… Continue reading Afraid of No Ghost

Midnight Falls

Midnight seeps into the darkness of the sky bleeding indigo and beating with a pulse vibrating through August heat. She collects herself in the stars above the wide heavens in a single coin jar hidden in the back of her red Chevrolet. Her pockets are vacant unlike the night kaleidoscope of rainbow colors inking the… Continue reading Midnight Falls