Beginnings of Woogy

Psst, are you there? I know I'm acting kinda cooky talking about something spooky but there is a wooky! A woogy! Hiding under my bed! It's not like a normal boogey with green hair and red eyes that are glue-tight googly! No, he is much different, much different you see! To be continued... 🙂 Have… Continue reading Beginnings of Woogy


There’s a Woogy Under My Bed!

Okay so like I'm thinking of my next children's book idea and here I think of a Wookiee! (aka Chewbacca) Not sure how he came into my mind but I was wondering how it would be crazy if a child found a similar character but called a Woogy hiding underneath their bed. This Woogy would have… Continue reading There’s a Woogy Under My Bed!